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Man of the Year, 1938-2008 - TIME 70 years


New World Order Imperium Pharaoh


Some USA flags

USA July 4, 1837 – July 3, 1845

First U.S. Navy Jack (traditional)

The First Navy Jack is the current U.S. jack authorized by the United States Navy.

Фото США и ЕС

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became clear to me that Obama is the antichrist

From Africa I saw an ill-omened specter approach our land.

My daughter Kristin called me at night to tell me, that the first time in her 27 years she had just seen a vision.
Time on the clock was 1:44 at night. She told me that just closed her eyes at 1:37 am the night and saw a vision and would not bother me. But I can not sleep and asked her to let me know in letter, what had happened and that's what I have got:

Yesterday on the 11th December 2008 night, I could not sleep. Usually after a work day from lack of sleep I fell asleep quickly. But this night tossing and turning in bed for almost two hours, I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly saw a vision.
In the vision I saw the television screens, many screens of different sizes, as in the electronics store. And suddenly on all these screens, Obama began to appear. In his speech / sermon, he spoke to humanity. I heard his voice and I had understood his manner of expression, but I could not understand his words.
09-01-2009 14:37
I felt that he was agitating people and it was shown to me that his heart was cunning. It immediately became clear to me that Obama is the antichrist and fear paralyzed me as if mountain of stones fell on me, I settled down and began to shake. In the heart the Lord spoke to me and said that the rapture will happen inevitably. We all know what will be the rapture, but it was clear that the rapture will happen very soon. It seemed to me that the rapture will happen at the same moment.
This vision took 7.10 seconds.

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Vote For Change Obama


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